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PostSubject: A BAD STORY   Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:19 am

santa : ho ho ho my Friends affraid Omg santa!!! santa : you were very friendly in this year.

Razz : yay and what is my present??? santa : nothing^^ scratch ???WHY??? santa I don't like you... Neutral Twisted Evil muhahahahha hello santa. santa ah hello satan but you were this year very bad.

Twisted Evil : I KNOW!!! MUHAHAHAHA... santa Here a Like a Star @ heaven Twisted Evil muhahahahah thanks santa and haha loser (normal men) muahhaha affraid : WHAT WHY YOU GIVE HIM A STAR!!!!! santa : I like him ^^ Mad : i hate youuu santa : i know... Shocked : are you silly?? santa : ehhh 2+2=4 so noXD rendeer haha you haven't got a present:D SANTA LOOKS TO AN elephant BUT 2 secounds later rendeer sant sant a clown santa = Crying or Very sad : nooooooo how howwwww.. Razz ha ha i killed him because you don't give me my present. Crying or Very sad Here take it = pig = but now give the life from my rendeer back Cool no ... affraid Cool Good Bye the men went with his pig away and santa are now in a BRAIN-INSTITUTE he looks now so Suspect and rendeer are now by Twisted Evil he will stay by him for ever Cool are now a millionaire because the Pig can't die so he have got 30 pig-baby in year that was the MOST BAD STORY OF THE WORLD HAVE FUN

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PostSubject: Re: A BAD STORY   Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:10 am

Suspect ....




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