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 HOW TO INSTALL 2.60b patch

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PostSubject: HOW TO INSTALL 2.60b patch   Thu Oct 27, 2011 1:21 am

HOW TO INSTALL 2.60b patch

2.60 patch Windows
Then u need 2.60 patch

2.60b patch Windows
After that u need 2.60b patch

I will give here short explination how to install 2.60b patch, cuz some ppl dont know what to do.
After download this patch, unrar it first. Then u will have map named Enemy Territory 2.60b. Open it and go at map Win32.
When u open Win32 u will see inside two icons( ET and ETDED).

Copy this two icons and open ur Wolfenstein enemy territory direction that u have ( most of time ur et is installed in C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory. It will look smth like this pic, then just paste two icons to this map and ur 2.60b patch will be installed

You also need to updated your pb

Go in pb folder and click pbsetup.exe

By: Splash - http://www.the-professional-owners.com/t131-how-to-install-26b-patch


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HOW TO INSTALL 2.60b patch
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