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 TUTORIAL: High Ping

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PostSubject: TUTORIAL: High Ping   Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:08 am


I post this thread to ask every player to take care of your own ping.

With a ping wich is frequently above 300 you should ask yourself the question if this is a playable situation for you.. A second question you should ask, is this fair against other players who will lagg as well...

Please turn of your downloads if you are downloading. Please note: if someone in the same network is downloading your bandwith will decrease

Information how to fix ping can you read below.


Fix your ping with these anti lag cmds : /pb_sleep , /cl_maxpackets 100 , /cl_timenudge 0
/rate 50000 , /snaps 40 - if you still don't know how, when you are on server click ESC(escape) and lick on UNLAG! button, that should help.

If you don't remember commands for fixed ping, do at server !unlag and read.



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