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 Member Rules

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PostSubject: Member Rules   Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:04 am


there is some member rules - every member must follow them, if not there is no reason to be in clan.

1. WEAR THE TAGS, OR YOU ARE OUT. We are a Clan and no silly Team, so please use the Tags when you play officials at Clans Servers. This inculdes every Part of the Clan.

2. No Cheating.

3. No Doubleclaning or clanhopping.

4. Behave yourself.

5. Be active & be friendly.

6. Don't Abuse your admin power

7. If you gonna be inactive, tell us. If you are inactive more then 1 month without any info you are kicked.

8. Look as much as possible at forum and write somethink allways.

9. Follow and Respect the all RULES! (Server,Member and Forum Rules)

NOTE: Make a XFire account if possible!

Disrespecting that simple rules will make you punished or kicked from clan.

Good Luck & Have Fun



XFire: romike1992
Clan Leader of the Gods Of Destruction Clan'
If you need somethink and I'm not here, leave me a PM !
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Member Rules
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